Thursday, March 28, 2019

Animated visual aids: Benefits outlined


1. Cost-effective:

Animated visual aids are a means of cutting the cost in brand building. They are one-time invested audio-visual media, the cost-effectiveness of which has been discussed in our previous post.
  • No printing cost
  • No wear and tear
  • Need and Work of medical representatives reduced immensely.
  • Need to be paid only once.

2. The benefit to the doctor:

When a medical representative visits a doctor or makes a call, the doctor's availability cannot be predecided. In general, visits occur as product detailings or as reminders during the day time and in the evening. A doctor might be attending to the patients. While doing so, he/she will never entertain a medical representative. A doctor might still give the visitor some time, but he/she might not give you full 5-6 minutes to learn about the products. Here, animated VA has a role. You can just play a minute's video that will do the detailing in itself. Or the reminder video can be shared with a number of doctors within a minute in the morning before the general OPD hours. 

It will have some space on the doctor's phone every time. Visual impact will last more. Even if a doctor needs to cross-check something about the product, it will always be handy. While printed visual aids move out of the doctor's chamber as soon as the medical representative steps out. But, these ones will be safe and intact and the doctor can take a minute to clarify the same.

3. Long-lasting impact: 

Visual impact on the viewer of a video with animation is higher than the one detailed by a medical representative. We do not say that medical representatives are not needed, but with animated visual aids, the workload of a medical representative is decreased and efficacy enhanced. 

4. Maximum work in minimum time:

"Time and tide wait for none."

The time is one definite thing which will never be back. Every second passed becomes history. It shall not be wasted but it can not be saved also. Yet, it can be managed well and utilised well to make t worthy. Animated visual aids benefit in reaching a maximum number of viewers within a minute. Wow, that's great now. If a company's authorised person is sharing this video with doctors sitting anywhere, it will not take more than a minute to reach over hundreds of doctors.


Make social groups or broadcasts lists on most commonly used portals such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, and many more. Add numbers of doctors in the list and they are just a click away from your video and the product. Now, your product detail is in a doctor's pocket. The company has now just to ensure the availability of the product.

It saves a doctor's time also.

5. Visual presentation:

This animated audio-video presentation details the product without the problems a medical representative might face in a doctor's chamber:

  • Video can be paused and started over even if the doctor gets engaged in some other activity.
  • The video will not get stuck in the middle but an MR can due to varied reasons, forgetting things, hesitating, stress, sale pressure, etc.

6. MR training tool:

Visual presentation can be used as a training tool for medical representatives.


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