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Updated: Aug 05, 2022

 Animated VA v/s Printed VA

As discussed in the earlier post, visual aids are an important means for pharmaceutical brand promotions.

Cost-cutting in brand building is the concept that has led us to come up with ANIMATED VISUAL AIDS for pharmaceutical companies.

Let's see how that works.

For instance, if a company has hired 10 medical representatives to detail and remind their products to the doctors in a given region. And all are at the minimum salary of Rs. 10,000/-

Let's see how much is it going to cost the company with printed visual aids.

Let's say the company has 10 brands. The designing and printing cost for 1 VA will be at least Rs. 1000/-. Now, for 10 MRs, the company would need at least 10 VA nos.

Designing + Printing cost: 10 VA x 1000 = 10000/- INR

Salary for 10 MRs (minimum): 10 x 10000 = 100000/- INR

Total cost for a month = 1,10,000/- INR

Assuming an MR works daily and meets on an average of about 8 doctors. He/She would be able to meet 200 doctors or 200 total visits (whether new doctors or same doctors as reminders) in 25 working days in a month. 10 MRs will be able to make all 2000 visits in a month.

So, 1,10,000/2000 = 55/- INR

It means for one visit to one doctor, the company is spending about Rs. 55/-

This is the amount that the company has to bear with printed visual aids every time.

Now, let us see how much would it cost with animated VA.

10 products = 10 videos

Assuming a video cost to be Rs. 2000/- INR, the design cost for 10 videos would be 10 x 2000 = 20,000/- INR which is to be paid only once. 

Now, let's see how many visits will recover the cost of the company.

20000/55 = 364 doctors

So, the cost will be recovered when the video reaches only 364 doctors. 

After that, when it reaches more than 364 doctors, the cost of designing and printing has not to be repeated. But, printed Visual aid will bear wear and tear, so it will have to be printed on regular basis and then the salary of the medical representatives has also to be paid monthly. With animated visual aids, the cost cuts here. You can share the video as a reminder or as a doctor's call within a minute with hundreds of doctors. The benefits of animated visual aids are numerous which you can see in our next post. For reference, we have enclosed a sample video and also the link to our YouTube channel. 

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