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Sachets: The miniature packagings


Sachets and Kinds
A sachet is a small bag containing a small portion of anything being intended to be packed and used. Sachets have been used since long. The packed content has been changed from time to time, but the intention is the same: Packing a small portion.

Packed Contents:
Thinking of sachets, what comes to our minds are sauce sachets, potpourri sachets, herbs sachets, spices sachets, dips sachets, medicine sachets, scented sachets. shampoo sachets, toothpaste sachets and many more.

Intended uses:
Sachets have emerged out of the idea of packing a small portion that can be put to use. The usages have evolved as per the demands of small-sized packaging.
Classically and traditionally, scented and aromatic small porous bags were easily made at home. Every home would carry either some spices packed in small bags or some herbs and plant parts packed in small sachet bags to impart a varied range of fragrances put in between the sack of clothes to naturally scent them.
But with emerging demands in the FMCG sector, some sauce dips, etc. needed to be packed in very small portions. What is eaten as a small portion has to be packed has a small portion, just like the idea of sauce sachets. While buying us breakfast or a snack, we may not want to carry a whole lot of big bottles or sauces in some open stuff to be found spilt over our clothes. So, small portions that are consumed in one go on an average was planned and packed in sachet bags. Porous bags are used for fragrance bags, silica gel bags, wherever the passage of air is intended. While in sachets such as that of sauces, shampoos, toothpaste, detergents, medicines, non-porous materials are used. Aluminium sachets, paper sachet have evolved for meeting the demands of creating leak-proof handy bags for packing small portions of fast consumables.

A pharmaceutical sachet:
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